Heating systems

Class 5, ecodesign boilers

Cooperation with institutes and other plants producing central heating boilers results in modern, environmentally friendly solutions, which affect the result of modernization and improve our products.

SlimKo MAX are modern high power boilers based on highly efficient heat exchangers in the form of tubes.
DuoKo is a modern central heating boiler which thanks to its unique solution is available in two burner versions. DuoKo eco-pea coal − is a boiler for efficient combustion of eco-pea coal on a rotary retort from the reputable company Pancerpol. DuoKo pellet − a boiler with self-cleaning rotating pellet burner from KIPI.
Kovert is a central heating boiler which meets the most stringent standards for emission and pollution emitted to the atmosphere in the combustion process. Kovert are boilers that care about the environment and, consequently our health.
SlimKo a compact pellet-fired boiler based on a tube exchanger, meeting the requirements of class 5 and ecodesign.