Heating systems

Class 5, ecodesign boilers

Cooperation with institutes and other plants producing central heating boilers results in modern, environmentally friendly solutions, which affect the result of modernization and improve our products.

SlimKo Plus is a compact CO pellet boiler based on a tube exchanger, meeting the requirements of class 5 and ecodesign. Thanks to equipping it with a special REVO PellasX pellet burner, we can use an automated ignition system and rotary cleaning of the working chamber. An additional advantage is the built-in blower. The compact stove is an excellent choice for single-family houses and commercial premises. The equipment is characterized by very high energy efficiency.
SlimKo Plus one of the smallest pellet boilers on the market, with a large fuel tank, SlimKo Plus is equipped with a high-quality Revo PellasX pellet burner with a reinforced steel igniter, a rotating combustion chamber made of InCrox and a five-year warranty on the burner furnace,
Compact boiler for central heating, solid fuel type pellet - DuoKo meets all the requirements of Eco Design and class 5, making it a reliable, maintenance-free and efficient source of heat for small and large living and usable areas.
Kovert is a central heating boiler which meets the most stringent standards for emission and pollution emitted to the atmosphere in the combustion process. Kovert are boilers that care about the environment and, consequently our health.
SlimKo a compact pellet-fired boiler based on a tube exchanger, meeting the requirements of class 5 and ecodesign.
DuoKo is a modern 5th class and ecodesign central heating boiler. DuoKo eco-pea coal - is a boiler for effective combustion of eco-pea coal on a rotary retort from the renowned Pancerpol company. It is equipped with self-cleaning solutions and a rotary retort that improves its operating parameters. It provides excellent work quality and quick heating of any type of premises.
A bulb - bottom combustion boiler for gasification of coal - it is one of the most effective methods of combustion. The design of the boiler, furnace and secondary air positively influenced the emission of gases into the atmosphere, thanks to which the boiler is environmentally friendly and simple and undemanding for the user.
SlimKo MAX are modern high power boilers based on highly efficient heat exchangers in the form of tubes.
KLASTER 5 is a central heating boiler that meets the most stringent standards of exhaust emissions and pollutants emitted into the atmosphere during the combustion process. The group of KLASTER 5 boilers includes central heating devices that care for the natural environment, and thus for our health. It is equipped with a special high-efficiency heat exchanger, a screw and a furnace made of durable cast iron. Its efficiency reaches 94%, which provides very large savings due to low fuel consumption.