Class 5, ecodesign boilers

DuoKo eco-pea coal

15-45 kW
  • DuoKo eco-pea coal − is a boiler for efficient combustion of eco-pea coal on a rotary retort from the reputable company Pancerpol.
  • The design of the exchanger has been optimized in order to obtain a very high-quality combustion process. The effect of these activities is very high thermal efficiency of the boiler and low emission of pollutants supplied to the atmosphere.
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Basic Information


Compact boiler for central heating for solid fuel, eco-pea coal type – DuoKo meets all the requirements of Eco Design and 5th class, making it a reliable, maintenance-free and efficient source of heat for small and large living and usable areas.

Bake with a feeder for eco-pea coal

DuoKo boilers for eco-pea coal with a feeder and an automated control system produced by KOTŁOSPAW Pleszew are characterized by easy operation, modern design and low emission of harmful substances, corresponding to the current, restrictive standards. The maintenance-free boiler is made of the highest quality boiler sheet, welded in gas shields, which guarantees its above-average tightness and excellent insulation.

5th class boilers – Pleszew

The upper-channel central heating furnace with eco-pea coal or DuoKo pellet is distinguished by fully automatic control, for which the efficient microprocessor system ecoMAXX 800R (eco-pea coal) is responsible. Extensive modules enable ongoing supervision over the operation of the feeder, furnace and blower, regulate the temperature and enable the connection of up to 4 circulation pumps (CH, DHW, floor, circulation). Simple, intuitive operation of the device and the ability to control the operation of the controller using an application for a smartphone or laptop make the DuoKo eco-pea coal boiler fully comply with the current standards for maintenance-free and easy-to-use heating devices.

Central heating stove for eco-pea coal

Thanks to the automation of all processes, from combustion of solid fuel, through automatic switching on and off of the blower, to self-cleaning of the burner, the only operating steps necessary to be performed at the DuoKo central heating furnace are to remove the ash and refill the eco-pea coal hopper. Boilers with a feeder available in the power range from 15 to 45 kW – our specialists will be happy to help you choose a furnace ideally suited to the heating surface and individual needs.


  • eco-pea coal

Price list

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Nominal power The size of the heated area Netto price VAT Brutto price
15 kW – DuoKo eco-pea coal 0-150 m²
0-200 m²*
14.447,15 zł 3.322,85 zł 17.770,00 zł
24 kW – Duoko eco-pea coal 150-240 m²
200-320 m²*
15.276,42 zł 3.513,58 zł 18.790,00 zł
34 kW – Duoko eco-pea coal 240-350 m²
320-460 m²*
16.528,46 zł 3.801,54 zł 20.330,00 zł
45 kW – Duoko eco-pea coal 350-450 m²
460–600 m²*
18.349,59 zł 4.220,41 zł 22.570,00 zł

* insulated building

technical parameters

DuoKo eco-pea coal
Boiler type 15 24 34 45
Boiler power kW 15 24 34 45
Power range kW 4,5-15 6,5-24 8,5-34 11,5-45
Approximate area of the heated room 0-150*
Energy class C B C C
The capacity of the eco-pea coal hopper kg 173 179 192 192
Weight without water kg 347 374 445 445
Water capacity l 74 90 103 103
Fuel according to
PN-EN 303-5
eco-pea coal Bituminous coal 31.2 pea-type coal grain size 5-25 mm. Calorific value of 26 MJ/kg
Maximum water temperature ° C 85
Minimum water temperature ° C 50/60
Length of burning days 2-7
Efficiency % 92
Cross-sectional dimension of the chimney Φ 180
Króćce przyłaczeniowe flow 2 x 1″ Gw
return 2 x 1 ” Gw

* for older buildings with inferior thermal insulation 100W/m2
* for modern buildings with better thermal insulation 75W/m2


Dimensions / section

DuoKo eco-pea coal

schemat wymiary

DuoKo j.m. 15 kW 24 kW 34 kW 45 kW
A mm 1459 1459 1459 1459
B mm 1173 1173 1230 1230
C mm 508 538 608 608
D mm 658 628 620 620
E mm 505 545 597 597
F mm 616 646 700 700
G mm 89 89 89 89
H mm 1354 1354 1354 1354
I mm 1854 1854 1854 1854
a Φ 1″ Gw 1″ Gw 1″ Gw 1″ Gw
b Φ 160 160 160 160


DuoKo eco-pea coal

ecoMAX 800R

Control eco-pea coalMAXR2 e1525688604805

ecoMAXX 800R2 controller stands out on the market with universal modern design and user-friendly interface (indication of operating parameters via icons on the graphic display). ecoMAXX 800R provides weather control for:

  • central heating direct circuit
  • three- or four-way valve and preparation of hot water
  • on a rotTOUCH & PLAY control system
  • supports ecoSTER remote control




DuoKo eco-pea coal


DuoKo eco-pea coal

1. Boiler in a closed system with a 4-way mixing valve
DuoKo instalacja w ukladzie zamknietym z zaworem mieszajacym 4 drogowym
2. Boiler in an open system with a 4-way mixing valve
DuoKo instalacja w ukladzie otwartym z zaworem mieszajacym 4 drogowym
3. Boiler in a closed system with a temperature valve ATV 55 *
DuoKo instalacja w ukladzie zamknietym z zaworem temperaturowym
4. Boiler in an open system with a temperature valve ATV 55 *
DuoKo instalacja w ukladzie otwartym z zaworem temperaturowym
5. Boiler in a closed system with a heat buffer
DuoKo instalacja w ukladzie zamknietym z buforem ciepla
6. Boiler in a closed system with a hydraulic coupler
DuoKo instalacja w ukladzie zamknietym ze sprzeglem hydraulicznym