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SlimKo MAX boiler

70-300 kW
  • SlimKo MAX are modern high power boilers based on highly efficient heat exchangers in the form of tubes.
  • The SlimKo MAX series of boilers are devices for heating office rooms, schools, halls, warehouses, workshops with an area from 210 to 4000 m2. It is possible to heat even larger surfaces using a cascade system
  • The heating process in MAX boilers is maintenance-free – the boiler is equipped with a pellet burner with a rotary combustion chamber, optionally, the boiler can be equipped with automatic ash removal to an external tank.
  • The boiler set also includes the ecoNET300 internet module, which gives a huge benefit to the customer – a preview of the boiler parameters by the customer and our 24h service.
  • Sanda ecoLAMBDA jako opcja przeznaczona jest do pomiaru oraz regulacji zawartości tlenu w spalinach, co sprawia, że spalanie jest bardziej ekonomiczne.
  • Boilers as standard without a basket, containers according to customer needs from our capacity offer, or individual pricing with the possibility of pneumatic feeding of pellets from other rooms or external silos.
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Basic Information


5th grade pellet boiler – SlimKo MAX

Small size, simplicity of use, and excellent energy efficiency of up to 91%. The SlimKo MAX central heating furnace is a solution that is ideal for heating small office rooms as well as buildings with a huge area. Boilers in the 5th class powered with pellets are available in several power versions to choose from:

  • 70 kW,
  • 90 kW,
  • 120 kW,
  • 150 kW,
  • 300 kW.

Depending on the type selected, they are able to effectively heat an area of ​​about 210 sq m. up to 4,000 sq m The highest quality materials were used for their production – P265GH boiler sheet or high-quality self-cleaning pellet burner. Thanks to this, the construction is solid, it has a long service life, and at the same time it guarantees excellent energy efficiency, which translates into lower heating costs.

We offer a choice of boilers in several versions of the capacity of the fuel container for individual choice:

  • 330 l,
  • 440 l,
  • 660 l,
  • 820 l,
  • 1200 l.

Maintenance-free boiler operation system

By putting on SlimKo MAX, you can free yourself from the tedious operation of the entire central heating boiler control system. All you have to do is top up the fuel feeder. The boiler has a rotary combustion chamber and fuel feeding is a fully automated process here. However, this boiler can be completely maintenance free. It is possible to equip it with an automatic ash removal system. It is poured into an external tank.

To make the operation even more convenient, each furnace is equipped with the latest control electronics. Constant monitoring of the most important operating parameters of the central heating furnace is possible not only from the level of the control panel located on the device itself. The ecoNET300 internet module is also installed there. Thanks to this, the preview of working parameters is additionally available from the computer level. This not only facilitates the operation of the furnace itself, but also speeds up the implementation of the service provided by our company. We can monitor the device on an ongoing basis and make corrections without the need to visit the customer personally.

Bezobsługowy kocioł na pellet 5 klasy – ekologia w najczystszym wydaniu

Excellent energy efficiency, maintenance-free, and the ability to view work parameters remotely are not all the advantages of SlimKo MAX furnaces. It is also an extremely ecological solution. The boiler meets all class 5 ecological standards and Eco Design. The low emission of harmful chemical compounds generated in the pellet combustion process makes this solution extremely environmentally friendly.

The construction made in the 5th grade and in the Eco Design standard also brings direct benefits for the user of such a device. The fuel is burned more efficiently, thanks to which the heating efficiency increases while reducing its costs.


  • Pellet
  • Agropellet

Price list

Check price list
Nominal powerSize of the heated areaNet priceVATGross price
70 kW210-600*
23 821,145 478,8629 300,00 zł
90 kW270-900*


27 317,076 282,9333 600,00 zł
120 kW360-1200*


35 528,468 171,5443 700,00 zł
150 kW450-1500*


42 195,129 704,8851 900,00 zł
300 kW900-3000*


72 764,2316 735,7789 500,00 zł

*for older buildings with inferior thermal insulation 100W/m2
**for newer buildings with better thermal insulation 75W / m2
(the values ​​given in the table are approximate and do not take into account the specifics of the given object)


SlimKo MAX boiler
Technical parameters of  70-300 SLIMKO MAX boilers
Boiler typekW7090120150300
Boiler powerkW7090120150300
Power rangekW21-7027-9036-12045-15090-300
Burner power rangekW15-7015-7020-10030-1502x (30-150)
Feeder capacitylAccording to the order 330, 440, 660, 820, 1200
Weight of the set without waterkg 701930158416042921
Approximate area of
the heated building
Water capacity of the boilerl2824217477471395
FuelPellet 6-8mm, pestki i granulat we frakcji 5-10mm, Klasa paliwa C1
Maximum water temperature°C85
Dimensions of the flue sectionø180180250250300
Power consumptionwork [W]200200250300600
start [W]3253253757031406
Igniter powerkW1501501502×1504×150
Connection portsø2”2”DN 80DN 80DN 125

*przy budynkach starszych z gorszą izolacją termiczną 100W/m2
**przy budynkach nowszych z lepszą izolacją termiczną 75W/m2 (podane w tabeli wartości są orientacyjne i nie uwzględniają specyfiki danego obiektu)


SlimKo MAX boiler

SlimKo MAXj.m70kW90kW120 kW150 kW300 kW
aø2”2”DN 80DN 80DN 125


SlimKo MAX boiler

ecoMAX 860P

  • Controls the combustion process in boilers with a pellet fuel igniter and is adapted to operate energy-saving electronic pumps,

  • supports central heating and hot water heating circuits as well as mixer circuits,
  • provides comfort through cooperation with remote control.

    • Software upgrade by microSDHC card or miniUSB card,

    • configurable output H (alarms, reserve boiler, shunt pump, circulating pump),

    • extension with additional modules B and C, Summer / Winter mode, professional heating curves for the boiler and mixer circuits, work with the grate, displayed fuel level, STB detecting,

    • adaptive control of mixers,

    • cooperation with thermal buffer,

    • cooperation via ISM / WiFi with panels or remote control thermostats and the ecoNET300 internet module and the ecoNET.apk application, which allows you to manage the entire on-line heating system.


Dodatkowy osprzęt

ecoSTER Touch room controller

  • It performs the function of remote control of PLUM devices,

  • provides thermal comfort in rooms thanks to communication with regulators,

  • enables reading and editing of all parameters of regulators and heating and ventilation circuits,

  • controls the mixing circuits in the weather and automatically corrects the heating curve in order to heat up the circulation,

  • provides thermal comfort in rooms thanks to digital communication with regulators,

  • simultaneous updating of the panel software and other panels and the controller by the microSDHC card.


    • Room thermostat function,

    • selection of different controller operation modes and information on the fuel level,

    • alarm signaling,

    • setting the night and day temperature schedule,

    • Hotel mode – blocks access to the controller menu and other panels,

    • 4.3 inch screen with a touch screen,

    • remote desktop function for controllers with a graphic control panel, with “TOUCH&PLAY” control.

ecoLAMBDA Room controller module

ecoLAMBDA is a modern electronic device designed to measure and control oxygen content in the exhaust gas. The ecoLAMBDA module is equipped with the next generation communication interface with which the measurement results are transferred from the module to the controller. The effect of this is to ensure the optimization of the combustion process.

  • Precise measurement of the oxygen content in the exhaust gas
  • Optimization of the combustion process
  • Reduction in emissions of carbon monoxide


SlimKo MAX boiler