Class 5, ecodesign boilers

KLASTER 5 – eco-pea coal

50-400 kW
  • The KLASTER 5 boiler is a structure tested by the accredited laboratory of the Institute of Power Engineering in Łódź, where it obtained the 5th class according to the PN-EN-303-5: 2012 standard and meets the Ecodesign requirements.
  • You can apply for funding through an appropriate certificate.
  • The boiler is based on a flame tube level exchanger.
  • This design has very easy access to the inside of the boiler.
  • The feeder is equipped with a screw and a cast iron hearth.
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Basic Information


Cluster 5 – efficient central heating furnace

Thanks to the high energy efficiency of up to 94% and the ecological design that meets the 5th class standards, a modern eco-pea coal-fired boiler will effectively reduce heating costs. It is a perfectly designed, compact structure made of certified materials of the highest quality. Fulfilling the 5th class standards and Eco Design by the boiler guarantees low emission of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Despite its relatively small size, a central heating furnace (depending on the selected version) can effectively heat rooms with an area of up to 2,500 sq m. Our offer includes boilers in several power versions to choose from:

  • 50 kW,
  • 75 kW,
  • 100 kW,
  • 150 kW,
  • 200 kW,
  • 400 kW

The device operates in a low-temperature system, heating the water to a maximum of 95 ° C. The Klaster 5 boiler is widely used not only in single-family housing, but also in commercial and office buildings, in smaller industrial plants or in agricultural facilities.


Simple regulation of the combustion process

When designing this eco-pea coal boiler, not only were ecological solutions in the 5th class in mind. It is also remarkable ease of use, which will surely be appreciated by every user. The device has been equipped with modern control electronics. It provides a clear overview of all the most important operating parameters and allows you to adjust settings according to individual needs.

To further facilitate the operation of this furnace in the 5th grade, an internet module can be purchased as an option. This allows not only remote viewing of operating parameters, but also changing all settings, and thus controlling central heating capacities without having to enter the boiler room. A 2-year warranty is provided for all electronics in the device.

The combustion of fuel itself is a fully automated process. The eco-pea coal hopper is equipped with an electrically controlled screw feeder, which automatically takes the right amount of fuel. All combustion waste is collected in the lower part of the boiler, in a special ash pan mounted directly under the furnace. The operation of the central heating furnace is therefore limited mainly to emptying the ash pan and refilling the container with eco-pea coal.


The most important elements of a furnace for eco-pea coal

Regardless of the selected power of the device, the design is identical in each case and mainly consists of the following elements:

  • Construction based on a flame tube level exchanger,
  • eco-pea coal hopper with a screw conveyor,
  • cast iron hearth,
  • control electronics (including internet module),
  • a fan that supplies air to the furnace.

In addition, the 5th class furnace is equipped with effective thermal insulation, thanks to which heat losses are limited and thus the costs associated with heating buildings. Our company provides a 5-year warranty on the boiler, which is the best proof of the highest quality of its workmanship.


  • eco-pea coal

Price list

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Nominal power The size of the heated area Netto price
VAT Brutto price
KLASTER 5 50 kW 450-620 m² 24.634,15 zł 5.665,85 zł 30.300,00zł
KLASTER 5 75 kW 620-1000 m² 34.796,75 zł 8.003,25 zł 42.800,00 zł
KLASTER 5 100 kW 900-1250 m² 43.658,54 zł 10.041,46 zł 53.700,00 zł
KLASTER 5 150 kW 1350-1850 m² 58.130,08 zł 13.369,92 zł 71.500,00 zł
KLASTER 5 200 kW 1800-2500 m² 73.170,73 zł 16.829,27 zł 90.000,00 zł
KLASTER 5 400 kW 2800-5700 m² 130.162,60 zł 29.937,40 zł 160.100,00 zł

Technical parameters

KLASTER 5 – eco-pea coal
Lp. Parameter Jedn. Klaster-5
1. Nominal power kW 50kW 75kW 100kW 150kW 200kW 400kW
2. The size of the heated area m 2 450-620 620-1000 900-1250 1350-1850 1800-2500 2800-5700
3. Boiler efficiency % Do 94%
4. Fuel tank capacity kg 250 250 450 450 450 900
5. Max. permissible operating pressure bar 1,5
6. The required exhaust draft Pa 25 27 30 30 40 60
7. Chimney height m 5-7 7-9 8-10 12
8. Chimney cross-section cm 2 400 600 900 1050 1950
9. The diameter of the flue mm Ø195 Ø245 Ø295 Ø450
10. Temp. supply water Max. 90
Min. 45
11. Heat transfer area m 2 6,1 9,0 13,5 18 22,6 41,7
12. Water capacity dm 3 400 530 650 1350 1940 2500
13. Electric supply V 230/50Hz
14. Max. electric power consumption kW 0,25 0,48
15. Overall dimensions of the boiler with a burner Width mm 1360 1400 2070 2505 2620 3550
Length 1260 1315 1570 1730 2350 3030
Height 1650 1700 2020 1980 2100 2380
16. Outlet and inlet diameter (stub pipes) mm 60,3 76,1 88,9 108
17. Weight of the boiler with the burner kg ~880 ~1200 ~1600 ~2300 ~2770



KLASTER 5 – eco-pea coal

Boiler cross-section Klaster 5 – 50kW

klaster 50kwsmall
Boiler cross-section Klaster 5 – 100kW

92kw przekroj male

Nominal power kW 50 kW 75 kW 100 kW 150 kW 200 kW 400 kW
Overall dimensions of the boiler with a burner Width mm 1360 1400 2070 2505 2620 3550
Depth 1260 1315 1570 1730 2350 3030
Heigh 1650 1700 2020 1980 2100 2380


KLASTER 5 – eco-pea coal

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