Class 5, ecodesign boilers

SlimKo boiler

12-30 kW
  • SlimKo a compact pellet-fired boiler based on a tube exchanger, meeting the requirements of class 5 and ecodesign.
  • SlimKo is equipped with a high-quality pellet KIPI burner with automatic igniter, rotary chamber cleaning and a built-in fan.
  • SlimKo consists of three basic parts − a pellet burner, exchanger, basket placed on the top of the boiler. With integral cooperation they provide unparalleled design and comfort of use.
  • SlimKo boilers are equipped with a self-cleaning burner with a rotating KIPI combustion chamber.
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Basic Information


The combustion process is controlled by the next generation controller that controls the operation of the burner − automatic firing and extinction.

Operation of the boiler is limited to periodic removal of ash from the ash pan and adding fuel in the basket.


  • Pellets
  • Agropellet

Price list

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Nominal power Size of the heated area Net price VAT Gross price
SlimKo 12 kW 60-110 m²
80-150 m²*
14.504,07 zł 3.335,93 zł 17.840,00 zł
SlimKo 16 kW 110-160 m²
150-200 m²*
15.162,60 zł 3.487,40 zł 18.650,00 zł
SlimKo 20 kW 160-200 m²
200-260 m²*
15.853,66 zł 3.646,34 zł 19.500,00 zł
SlimKo 24 kW 200-240 m²
260-320 m²*
16.861,79 zł 3.878,21 zł 20.740,00 zł
SlimKo 30 kW 240-300 m²
320-400 m²*
18.560,98 zł 4.269,02 zł 22.830,00 zł

* insulated building


SlimKo boiler
Technical parameters of 12-30 kW SlimKo boiler
Boiler type kW 12 16 20 24 30
Boiler power kW 12 16 20 24 30
Burner power range kW 3,5-12 4,5-16 6-20 7-24 8-30
Feeder capacity kg 103 103 128 128 141
Weight of the set without water kg 220 225 270 275 340
Approximate area of
the heated building*
m2 60-110 110-160 160-200 200-400 240-300
Approximate area of
the heated building **
m2 80-150 150-200 200-260 260-320 320-400
Water capacity of the boiler l 43 43 67 67 80
Fuel Pellet 6-8 mm, pestki i granulat we frakcji 5-10 mm
Klasa paliwa C1
Maximum water temperature °C 85
Minimum water temperature °C 50/60
Length of burning dni 2-5
Dimensions of the flue section ϕ 160
Power consumption – work (230V/50Hz) W 72 90 107
Power consumption – start (230V/50Hz) W 240
Igniter power W 150
Connection ports 1” Gw

* for older buildings with inferior thermal insulation 100W/m2
** for modern buildings with better insulation of 75W/m2
(the values listed in the table are approximate and do not take into account the specific features of the facility)


SlimKo boiler

slimko przekroje

slimKo unit 12 kW 16 kW 20 kW
A mm 1315 1315 1420
B mm 550 550 655
C mm 765 765 765
D mm 560 560 685
E mm 785 785 785
F mm 1100 1100 1100
G mm 440 440 508
H mm 1785 1785 1890
a ø 1″ 1″ 1″
b ø 160 160 160


SlimKo boiler

ecoMAX 860P

ecoMAX 800P plum regulator pelletowy

ecoMAX 860P is a device made in advanced technology. It controls the combustion process in solid fuel boilers with an igniter. By default, it supports the central heating and hot water heating circuits as well as the mixer circuit. The controller is available in a complete enclosure and in a version with a removable panel enabling installation on the front of the boiler. This latest generation microprocessor controller means for the user:

  • intuitive and simple use
  • many interesting functions
  • unique design
  • TOUCH & PLAY control system
  • attractive display presenting information in the form of readable icons
  • comfort with the support of the ecoSTER remote control
  • comfortable on-line operation of the boiler via the Internet

It has a modular structure, ensuring BUS extension. The controller controls: boiler (burner) operation, supports basic central heating and hot water functions, mixer pump and mixer.
Additional modules enable cooperation with the buffer and mixer systems. In addition, cooperation with the Lambda probe module (ecoLAMBDA) is possible. The controller uses a smart Menu system. The system makes unconnected elements inactive (invisible). This solution allows easy and comfortable use.

Additional equipment

ecoSTER200 Room controller


ecoSTER provides thermal comfort indoors thanks to digital communication with ecoMAX series controllers. The device features

modern design (large graphic display and intuitive TOUCH & PLAY operating system) and cutting-edge patented features. The panel is available in many colors to suit your home.

  • A simple and effective way to control the temperature (in three independent spaces)
  • Temperature schedule setting (day and night)
  • Adjustment and preview of the basic functions of the boiler
  • Selection of different operating modes
  • Information about alarms
  • Information about fuel level in the feeder

ecoSTER Touch room controller


ecoSTER TOUCH provides thermal comfort indoors thanks to digital communications with ecoMAX series controllers. The unit has a modern design and a large readable touchscreen display with color graphics menu. ecoSTER TOUCH means for the user:

  • Programmable room thermostat function
  • A simple and effective way to control the temperature (in up to three rooms)
  • Temperature schedule setting (day and night)
  • Adjustment and preview of all functions of the boiler
  • Remote viewing of the boiler control panel screen or other indoor panels
  • Selection of different operating modes
  • Information about alarms
  • Information about fuel level in the tank
  • Simultaneous update of the software of the ecoSTER panel and the controller module via a microSD card

ecoLAMBDA Room controller module

ecoLAMBDA plum modul

ecoLAMBDA is a modern electronic device designed to measure and control oxygen content in the exhaust gas. The ecoLAMBDA module is equipped with the next generation communication interface with which the measurement results are transferred from the module to the controller. The effect of this is to ensure the optimization of the combustion process.

  • Precise measurement of the oxygen content in the exhaust gas
  • Optimization of the combustion process
  • Reduction in emissions of carbon monoxide


SlimKo boiler


SlimKo boiler