The KOTŁOSPAW company was founded in 2001.

The company

How it begun

The KOTŁOSPAW company was founded in 2001. Before that, time nearly fifteen years of experience in boiler-making industry of the founders resulted in implementing products that were accepted by purchasers straight away. Right from the beginning we focused on intensive development and experience gained over years, knowledge in the field of high-tech were used for improving quality of proposed goods. We do our best to meet with customers‘ requirements.

Improving  and quality of employed solutions

Qualified team of workers together with implementing modern technology solutions resulted in improving style and quality of employed solutions with regard to offered heating furnaces. Co-operation with Institutes and other plants that are busy with producing central heating furnaces, produces effects in a form of modern, environment friendly solutions which go over big with result of modernization and improvement of our products.

Ecology and certificates

Our heating furnaces were granted an ecology certificate and emission-energy evaluation issued by authorised institutes.

PPHU KOTŁOSPAW is a manufacturer of heating furnaces listed below:

  • fines-fired heating furnaces KWM-SP with automatic loading unit (firing up once a season), electronically controlled;
  • eco pea coal-fired heating furnaces K-RET, KWM-SGR, KWM-SR with feeding screw and retort furnace (fired up once a season), controlled by microprocessor-based regulator;
  • fines-fired heating furnaces KWM-S, KWM-SG operating in twenty-for-hour system (loading once a day), controlled with microprocessor-based regulator;
  • “all kind fuel-fired” heating furnaces UKS, UKS-M, UKS-G with option of burning fines in average round-clock system, equipped to draught shutter or programmer and blower;

Our offer includes:

  • carrying heating furnace to customer;
  • sale on deferred terms;

We assure:

  • short delivery terms;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • technical support;
  • high quality and competitive pric;