Boiler type SlimKo

Heading systems – boiler type KOVERT

Boiler type UP

Pellet burners - ROOT POWER

Controller for pellet burner - PLUM EcoMax 850/860P

U-RET 15-34 kW – heating furnace with the conveying screw

KWD 15-30 kW – standard heating furnace (upper duct)

UKS-M 12-190 kW – standard heating furnace (upper duct) - cleaning

UKS-G 12-43 kW – standard heating furnace (upper duct)

Which boiler should I choose?

Ignition in the boiler with a feeder

Reasons for smoking from the intake hopper

Change the direction of door opening

Operating instructions and operating the fuel feeder

Feeding screw servicing – PANCERPOL

Changing the feeder side on the example of a boiler U-RET

Controller ST-81 instruction

Controller ST-480 instruction