Furnaces with feeding screw eco pea-fired

KWM-SR boiler

50-350 kW
  • KWM-SR heating furnaces were designed to produce heat energy for heating flat buildings and industrial buildings as well as for co-operating with utilisable hot water tank also in summer season.
  • They are fully environment friendly and were granted the “ecological safety sign” issued by the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. Heating furnaces of power rating over 200 kW are available on request.
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Basic Information



Heating furnaces are being delivered as mounted units ready to be installed and are equipped to elements listed below:

  • motoreducer-propelled fuel feeding screw
  • self-cleaning retort furnace made of cast-iron
  • blow-in fan
  • electronic controller with option of utilisable hot water
  • additional grate made of cast-iron (up to power rating of 75 kW)
  • draught shutter
  • ash pan
  • service tool

Operation principles

KWM-SR heating furnaces are high-tech, fully automated devices requiring only minimum attendance. They are equipped to high quality coal feeding system and were designed for highly efficient combustion of pit-coal. Fuel for combustion process is transported automatically by means of feeding screw from fuel tank located next to the heating furnace.

All processes leading to combustion of the fuel with portion of air supplied by blow-in fan take place in cast-iron-retort. Above the coal furnace there is cast-iron deflector-radiation panel that directs heat rays towards glow in order to fire up combustible gases and distributes combustion gases equally to heat exchanger. Ash resultant in final stage of combustion moves to retort periphery and then spontaneously falls down into ash pan equipped to furnace drawtray.

Efficiently working heating furnace furnace allows burning as much fuel as it is needed to keep temperature set by regulator. Regulator constantly measures water temperature in boiler and upon this basis controls fuel feeder unit and fan. In case the system was not equipped to utilisable hot water pump, controller regulates its operation at the same time. The heating furnace is easy to operate. Actions that need to be taken are regular fuel replenishment and removing ash from ash pan without necessity of blowing down the heating furnace.

After having the heating furnace fired up it does need constant attendance and can be operated continuously over heating season. In case of sustained power failure the heating furnace has additional cast-iron grate for burning coal, wood and other kinds of solid fuels by standard procedure. There is a special option of installing fixed water grate available on request.

Modern solutions

Heating furnaces with automated fuel feeding system provide high-tech design solutions depending on installation requirements. Body of the KWM-SR heating furnace consists of combustion chamber and heat exchanger both made of high quality attested steel.

KWM-SR heating furnace was equipped to heat exchanger in the rear part of the body, behind the furnace and was designed as two (19-100kW) or four (125-350kW) upright convection ducts, depending on power rating. Such design let on obtaining effect of spontaneous cleaning of convection ducts and effect of chimney soot fallout into collection chambers which are secured by revision flaps located on a side of the furnace.

Additional elements of the KWM-SR heating furnace (two-duct) are pipes (water tubes) located in convection duct and in two- and four-duct there are furnace commutators located in the upper part of the furnace. They have significant influence on heating furnace efficiency.

KWM-SR heating furnaces were equipped to thermal-resistant furnace door and fill-up door with purpose-made thermal gasket in the front of the heating furnace body. Whole body was covered with high-grade thermal insulation which is protected by steel casing. Central heating furnaces KWM-SR must be installed according to standard PN-91/B-02413 and BN-71/8864-27 concerning open vent water heating installations safety and open vent expansion tank.


  • eco-pea coal

Price list

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Moc nominalnaWielkość powierzchni ogrzewanejCena nettoVATCena brutto
50 kW300-450 m29 780,49 zł2 249,51 zł12 030,00 zł
62 kW450-600 m210 772,36 zł2 477,64 zł13 250,00 zł
75 kW600-750 m214 715,45 zł3 384,55 zł18 100,00 zł
100 kW750-1000 m219 268,29 zł4 431,71 zł23 700,00 zł
150kW1000-1500 m226 504,07 zł6 095,93 zł32 600,00 zł
200 kW1500-2000 m235 121,95 zł8 078,05 zł43 200,00 zł
250 kW2000-2500 m240 325,20 zł9 274,80 zł49 600,00 zł
300 kW2500-3000 m246 341,46 zł10 658,54 zł57 000,00 zł
350 kW3000-3500 m251 219,51 zł11 780,49 zł63 000,00 zł


KWM-SR boiler


KWM-SR boiler


KWM-SR boiler

Controller for KWM-SR boilers – 50-150 kW

ST – 480 controller

Functions performed by the controller:

  • Control of the fan and feeding screw or piston feeder
  • CH pump control
  • DHW pump control
  • Control of the floor pump
  • Control of the circulation pump
  • Control of the mixing valve actuator
  • The possibility to connect a room regulator with RS or traditional communication
  • The possibility to connect the ST-65 GSM module
  • The possibility to connect the ST-500 ETHERNET module
  • The possibility to control two valves with the use of additional ST-61 v4 lub ST-430 RS

Controller’s equipment:

  • Large graphic display facilitating the controller’s operation
  • CH temperature sensor
  • DHW, floor temperature sensor
  • Valve and return temperature sensor
  • External sensor (without cable)
  • Feeder temperature sensor (protection)
  • Thermal protection
  • Power supply cable
  • Pump power supply cables
  • Single-module panel casing for the boiler’s installation or in a metal casing

Controller for  KWM-SR boilers – 200-350 kW

MENUET controller

Presented device is high-tech regulator in our series of products. It is designed for controlling combustion process in feeder-type heating furnaces. Regulator is easy to operate, however it was also equipped to several advanced functions which significantly facilitates operation of central heating heating furnace. User has simple and functional control panel with six function buttons at his own disposal. Three buttons for indicating highlighting mode, five buttons indicating runtime mode of devices and straightforward LCD enabling viewing parameters practically in every lighting conditions (backlit LCD).

Apart from standard parameters such as hysteresis, rotations adjustment, blow-through, up and down range of temperature, feeder control parameters and many others. There are also parameters relating to utilisable hot water with option of turning off utilisable hot water mode, WINTER mode where heating up water in water tank have priority over heating system, SUMMER mode for preparing only utilisable hot water. Control panel provides possibility of controlling mixing valve in manual or weather mode and numerous parameters make possible adjusting them for user‘s needs.

Regulator is durable and made with due diligence, it is very straight forward and shall satisfy needs even most demanding customers. Additional advantage speaking in the virtue of our product is possibility of connection of more than one control module / panel which enables controlling and changing parameters from any place equipped to such kind of control panel and changes made in one control module are being immediately sent to all other modules.

Symbols on control panel:

  1. Screen
  3. Central heating pump operation LED
  4. Utilisable hot water pump operation LED
  5. Blower operation LED
  6. Feeder operation LED
  7. Temperature and regulator configuration button
  8. STOP/NO button
  9. Increase value button
  10. Decrease value button
  11. START/YES button
  12. Manual mode button