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KWM-SP boiler

19-150 kW
  • KWM-SP central heating furnaces make up new generation of heating furnaces fired with solid fuel.
  • These are low-temperature, water, steel heating furnaces, designed for burning fine coal or eco pea coal type II of particles size from 5 to 25 mm.
  • It is recommended to use dry fuel. The highest calorific value the better heating effect.
  • It is recommended to use fine coal of decreased expanding properties, decreased sinterability and high ash melting point.
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Basic Information



KWM-SP heating furnaces are characterized by low emission of deleterious substances proved by suitable approvals. They were granted an ecology attestation and conformity certificate with standard PN-EN 303-5 issued by the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. Main feature of this kind of heating furnaces is modern solution for automatic drawer feeder unit with fuel feed hopper which gives the possibility of burning several kinds of fuel. Feeder unit and the process of burning is controlled by microprocessor-based regulator. Automated way of feeding fuel directly to the grate with appropriate amount of air blown into the furnace make that this heating furnace is distinguished by high heating efficiency. Additional advantage of drawer feeder unit is quiet operation.

Operation principles

For covering actual demand for heat, only appropriate amount of fuel is being burned on the grate made of cast-iron. Solid combustion products, such as ash and ash slurry, are being forced down to ash pan automatically when feeding following batch of fuel. Heating furnace is equipped to grate for traditional burning which must be taken out during automated operation. Heating furnace has a cuboidal design and was made of high quality approved steel. Elements are being fused together using technique of hot gas welding and joint one to another with bracing staybolts creating water space between walls.

Body of the heating furnace consists of furnace part and convection part. In the bottom part of the body there is a furnace with grate, underneath there is a blown-in air chamber and in the rear bottom part there is a tray for storing ash. Air for the furnace is being supplied by fan through grate made of cast-iron. Convection part consists of channels that enable combustion gases flow from combustion chamber to flue and smoke conduit. Combustion gases are being brought up to the chimney through smoke outlet which is located in the upper rear part of the heating furnace.

Fuel is being dumped into fuel container and then fed by feeder unit (propelled by motoreducer) to the furnace. Ash is being pushed out by fresh fuel outside of the furnace into ash pan.


KWM-SP central heating furnaces are to be mounted according to standard PN-91/B-02413 and BN-71/8864-27 regarding protection heating water devices in open system and collecting vessels in open system.


  • eco-pea coal
  • fine coal

Price list

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Moc nominalnaWielkość powierzchni ogrzewanejCena nettoVATCena brutto
19 kWdo 160 m26 642,28 zł1 527,72 zł8 170,00 zł
25 kW160-200 m27 065,04 zł1 624,96 zł8 690,00 zł
38 kW200-300 m27 577,24 zł1 742,76 zł9 320,00 zł
50 kW300-400 m28 861,79 zł2 038,21 zł10 900,00 zł
60 kW400-500 m29 487,80 zł2 182,20 zł11 670,00 zł
75 kW500-650 m212 593,50 zł2 896,50 zł15 490,00 zł
100 kW650-900 m215 975,61 zł3 674,39 zł19 650,00 zł
120 kW900-1100 m219 756,10 zł4 543,90 zł24 300,00 zł
150 kW1100-1400 m226 341,46 zł6 058,54 zł32 400,00 zł


KWM-SP boiler
Technical data KWM-SP 19-150 kW
Type KWM-SPunit192538506075100120150
Rated powerkW192538506075100120150
Heating surface2,03,04,05,06,07,510,012,015,0
Heated area-160160-
Fuel typeHard coal according to PN-82.G7001-3 fine coal MI grade, type 32.1 class 25/12 or pea coal type 31.2 with the granulation/size of 5-25 mm
Fuel consumption at the rated powerkg/h3,44,56,89,011,014,018,022,028,0
Fuel bunker capacitykg83103129147170180260300400
Boiler water capacityl79109126187201207453562690
Boiler`s weightkg354454517690732838129014501812
Max. water temperature°C90
Max. working pressureBar1,5
Test pressureBar4,0
Thermal efficiency%80
Required flue gas draftPa253035
Required stack heightm7
Required stack hole cross-sectioncm²280400500700750
Power consumption (230V/50Hz)W170255


KWM-SP boiler

KWM-SPunit19 kW25 kW38 kW50 kW60 kW75 kW100 kW120 kW150 kW


KWM-SP boiler

ST – 480 controller

Functions performed by the controller:

  • Control of the fan and feeding screw or piston feeder
  • CH pump control
  • DHW pump control
  • Control of the floor pump
  • Control of the circulation pump
  • Control of the mixing valve actuator
  • The possibility to connect a room regulator with RS or traditional communication
  • The possibility to connect the ST-65 GSM module
  • The possibility to connect the ST-500 ETHERNET module
  • The possibility to control two valves with the use of additional ST-61 v4 lub ST-430 RS

Controller’s equipment:

  • Large graphic display facilitating the controller’s operation
  • CH temperature sensor
  • DHW, floor temperature sensor
  • Valve and return temperature sensor
  • External sensor (without cable)
  • Feeder temperature sensor (protection)
  • Thermal protection
  • Power supply cable
  • Pump power supply cables
  • Single-module panel casing for the boiler’s installation or in a metal casing


KWM-SP boiler

Offered versions of heating furnaces depending on location of door and flue. Top view.