24h, fines-fired furnaces with regulator and blower

KWM-S boiler

19-350 kW
  • KWM-S heating furnaces (with regulator and blower) are the new generation of unattended heating furnaces working in twenty-four-hours mode designed for highly efficient combustion of fine coal.
  • Very high power efficiency of this kind of heating furnaces, reaching 86% results in the lowest running expenses.
  • Additional advantage is insignificant destructiveness for natural environment.
  • Employing controller and blower combined with upper combustion and distribution of air stream with use of nozzles makes the process of combustion similar to producer system with simultaneous combustion of produced gases, what characteristic symptom is blue flame.
  • One-shot fuel fill-up is enough for about twenty four hours, however this period may lengthen depending on outside temperature and insulating power of the building.
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Basic Information



KWM-S heating furnaces were designed to be used in central heating installations in flat buildings, trade pavilion, workshops, on farms, in glass-houses, schools, etc. Available power rating: 19-350 kW. Heating furnaces were granted ecological attestations and conformity certificates according to standard PN-EN 303-5 issued by the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze and certificates issued by Technical Supervision Office for WE – module B1 project investigation.

Operation principles

Body of the KWM-S heating furnace consists of furnace chamber and heat exchanger both made of high quality attested steel. Furnace has cuboidal shape, on its walls there are air nozzles and on the bottom there is water grate made of attested thick-walled pipes.

KWM-S heating furnace was equipped to heat exchanger which is located in the rear part of the body, behind the furnace and was designed as two (19-100kW) or four (125-350kW) upright convection ducts, depending on power rating. Such design let on obtaining effect of spontaneous cleaning of convection ducts and effect of chimney soot fallout into collection chambers which are secured by revision flaps located on a side of the furnace.

Additional elements of the KWM-S heating furnace (two-duct) are pipes (water tubes) located in convection duct and in two- and four-duct there are furnace commutators located in the upper part of the furnace. They have significant influence on heating furnace efficiency.

KWM-S heating furnaces are equipped to thermal-resistant wide furnace door and fill-up door with purpose-made thermal gasket in the front of the heating furnace body. Whole body was covered with high-grade thermal insulation which is protected by steel casing. KWM-S central heating furnaces must be installed according to standard PN-91/B-02413 and BN-71/8864-27 concerning open vent water heating installations safety and open vent expansion tank.


Exploitation of KWM-S heating furnaces is cyclical. It consists in one-shot fill-up with fine coal, firing it up from the top with use of small amount of paper and wood and starting up controller and blower. After having obtained previously set temperature the blower turns off and controller automatically turns into hold mode. The blower shall be started again when temperature falls under set value. When the fuel is burnt-out the controller turns off automatically. In order to launch the heating furnace once more it is necessary to remove ash from ash pan and furnace chamber and fill up fuel tank and fire up the heating furnace.


  • fine-coal

Price list

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Moc nominalnaWielkość powierzchni ogrzewanejCena nettoVATCena brutto
19 kWdo 100 m23 056,91 zł703,09 zł3 760,00 zł
25 kWdo 150 m23 406,50 zł783,50 zł4 190,00 zł
38 kWdo 200 m23 951,22 zł908,78 zł4 860,00 zł
50 kWdo 250 m24 585,37 zł1 054,63 zł5 640,00 zł
62 kWdo 300 m25 666,67 zł1 303,33 zł6 970,00 zł
75 kWdo 380 m27 975,61 zł1 834,39 zł9 810,00 zł
95 kWdo 530 m210 065,04 zł2 314,96 zł12 380,00 zł
125 kWdo 630 m213 504,07 zł3 105,93 zł16 610,00 zł
150 kWdo 750 m215 317,07 zł3 522,93 zł18 840,00 zł
200 kWdo 1000 m218 211,38 zł4 188,62 zł22 400,00 zł
250 kWdo 1300 m221 951,22 zł5 048,78 zł27 000,00 zł
300 kWdo 1600 m225 284,55 zł5 815,45 zł31 100,00 zł
350 kWdo 1900 m230 569,11 zł7 030,89 zł37 600,00 zł


KWM-S boiler


KWM-S boiler


KWM-S boiler

Control KWM-S 19-200 kW

ST–81 temperature regulator

ST–81 temperature regulator is intended for charging CH boilers. It controls the water circulation pump, hot usable water pump and the fan. Four optional modes of the pumps operation: house heating, boiler priority, parallel pumps, summer mode. The controller is casing is adjusted to be assembled in the boiler is installation.


  • control of the fan, CH pump and HCW pump
  • the possibility of connecting room regulator

Equipment Controller:

  • LCD display
  • CH temperature sensor and HCW sensor
  • has temperature protection (thermal overload relay)
  • panel casing for installation of the boiler, made of high quality materials resistant to high and low temperatures
  • the possibility of installation on the boiler in OM-01 casing

Control KWM-S 250-350 kW

Control device SIGNUM 350