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KWD boiler

15-30 kW
  • The KWD boiler (upper duct) is another product in the series of state-of-the -art boilers fired by solid fuels and especially by logs of wood. After loading the furnace chamber with fuel the combustion process takes place in an automatic way thanks to using a microprocessor temperature controller.
  • The KWD heating boiler is intended for heating up the heating agent in the central heating installations with systems of heating warm municipal water, both in gravity and pumping systems. They can be used in dwelling houses, both single- and multi-family ones, in public utility facilities, in commercial facilities as well as in production facilities.
  • A simple construction, a high thermal efficiency of the boiler (approximately 83%) and well as the possibility to use fuel in the form of logs of wood which are nearly 60 cm long are the features distinguishing this boiler on the market. Its advantages include an extended loading chamber, making it possible to obtain a very long combustion time of the logs. The large, upward charging door facilitates the loading of the fuel and the movable grate streamlines removing the ash from the furnace.
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Basic Information



In the KWD boilers the combustion process is controlled by a state-of-the-art microprocessor controller, extended with a warm municipal water module with the possibility of connecting room control and a fan compressing the air thanks to which the boiler does not require direct observation.

Such equipment has a significant influence on increasing the efficiency of the boiler, facilitates its operation, keeps the required temperature and regulates the work of the circulating pomp as long as the installation is equipped with it. A modern construction and the system of air distribution allow combustion with the use of the “from the top” method as a fine coal boiler as well as gives a possibility to kindle “from the bottom” as a traditional boiler fired by hard coal and wood.


A steel corpus with the convection part is made of attested sheeting, bent and joined together by means of semi-automatic welding in gaseous envelopes. The chamber consisting of the furnace and ash-bin elements has the shape of a cuboid and in the side water jackets of the combustion chambers there are slots carrying additional air directly in the zone of the fuel combustion.The basic air used in the combustion process is pressed under the water-cooled grate in the zone of the ash-bin chamber.

The furnace chamber is separated from the ash-bin chamber with the permanent water-cooled grate made of thick-walled tubes. Between the permanent grates there is a movable grate meant for a periodic, manual ash removal. The grate is propelled with a lever placed outside the boiler on the right-hand side. Such a solution makes it possible to minimize the effects of dust escaping outside the boiler.

Over the furnace chamber there is a heat exchanger in the shape of a horizontal plate shelf, constituting a water channel, as well as in the shape of a horizontal furnace tube changing into a smoke flue used to carry the exhaust. The water channel and the furnace tube are perfused on one side with hot exhaust and on the other side with water. The exhaust obtained in the fuel combustion process, after giving up the heat in the water exchanger, is carried to the chimney through the smoke flue placed at the back of the boiler.

For loading, cleaning and maintenance the boiler has been equipped with sealed and bolted charging, furnace and ash-bin as well as cleaning doors. In order to reduce heat loss, the corpus of the boiler is insulated with mineral wool, which has been placed in the casings made of zinc coated sheets, which were powder-coated.

Structural advantages

  1. A fan and a user-friendly control panel, facilitating keeping the required temperature in the boiler as well as in the warm municipal water tank.
  2. A front cleaning door, allowing convenient access to the convection ducts.
  3. Wide charging, furnace and ash-bin doors have universal mountings, making it easy to change the opening direction to the right or to the left.
  4. Charging, furnace and ash-bin doors with a built-in thermal plate reducing heat loss and with a seal preventing the smoke from escaping into the boilerhouse.
  5. A permanent water-cooled grate, made of attested thick-walled tubes, ensuring long durability.
  6. A movable grate used for periodic, manual ash removal of the water-cooled grate without having to open the furnace door.
  7. Aesthetically made thermal insulation of technical mineral wool, placed in cases made of zinc coated sheet and powder coated ones combines the traditional colour scheme with modernity.
  8. Convection ducts in the upper part, formed in the shape of “shelves” and of a horizontal furnace tube changing into a smoke flue used for carrying exhaust, have an influence on a longer durability of the boiler and on its high efficiency.
  9. The corpus of the boiler, made of attested steel welded in a gas shield, guaranteeing perfect quality.
  10. A special system of air distribution, allowing the combustion to use the “from the top” method as a fine coal boiler and the “from the bottom” one as a traditional boiler, has a significant influence on reducing the pollution of the environment.
  11. A large loading chamber, adapted to the combustion of various fuels in the system where fuel is loaded on average once every 24 hours, including logs of wood nearly 60 cm long.


  • fine coal
  • coal
  • wood

Price list

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Moc nominalnaWielkość powierzchni ogrzewanejCena nettoVATCena brutto
15 kWdo 150 m24 040,65 zł929,35 zł4 970,00 zł
20 kWdo 200 m24 276,42 zł983,58 zł5 260,00 zł
25 kWdo 250 m24 813,01 zł1 106,99 zł5 920,00 zł
30 kWdo 300 m25 276,42 zł1 213,58 zł6 490,00 zł


KWD boiler


Technical data KWD 15-30 kW
Type KWD15202530
Rated powerkW15202530
Min. powerkW4,55,77,510
Heating surfacem22,152,452,853,35
Approximate heated aream2150200250300
Single fuel chargekg21,226,032,036,4
Fuel basicCoal type 31.2 class II nut assortment 28/10/06
Substitute fuelCoal type 31.2 class assortment sparkled 12/24/06
Wood in the form of logs, max humidity 25%
Length of woodcm40505555
Fuel consumption at rated powerkg/h2,353,143,924,7
Boiler water capacityl71838896
Boiler’s weight without waterkg240320390430
Size of the doorheightmm200200200
Width of furnacemm 260260290330
Depth of furnacemm450550580580
Size of chamberdm343536776
Max. water temperature°C85
Max. working pressurebar1,5
Test pressure



Thermal efficiency



Required flue gas draft





Required stack height





Required stack hole cross-section







Dimensions of flue cross-section



Power consumption (230V/50Hz)





KWD boiler

KWDunit15 kW20 kW25 kW30 kW


KWD boiler

ST–81 temperature regulator

ST–81 temperature regulator is intended for charging CH boilers. It controls the water circulation pump, hot usable water pump and the fan. Four optional modes of the pumps operation: house heating, boiler priority, parallel pumps, summer mode. The controller is casing is adjusted to be assembled in the boiler is installation.


  • control of the fan, CH pump and HCW pump
  • the possibility of connecting room regulator

Equipment Controller:

  • LCD display
  • CH temperature sensor and HCW sensor
  • has temperature protection (thermal overload relay)
  • panel casing for installation of the boiler, made of high quality materials resistant to high and low temperatures
  • the possibility of installation on the boiler in OM-01 casing


KWD boiler


KWD boiler


KWD boiler