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DuoKO boiler

15-48 kW
  • DuoKo is a modern central heating boiler which thanks to its unique solution is available in two burner versions.
  • DuoKo eco-pea coal − is a boiler for efficient combustion of eco-pea coal on a rotary retort from the reputable company Pancerpol.
  • DuoKo pellet − a boiler with self-cleaning rotating pellet burner from KIPI.
  • Both versions of the boiler are not mutually exclusive. Once you have the boiler, you can at any time switch from eco-pea coal burner to pellet burner and vice versa without losing the parameters associated with the 5 Class and EcoDesign certificates! It is the latest flagship solution from KOTŁOSPAW.
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Basic Information


As a few in Poland, we offer DuoKo boiler in which it is possible to use two different burners depending on the needs and requirements, and at the same time without having to purchase new and remove existing equipment.

DuoKo is a fully automatic upper duct boiler, in which user support is limited to the loading of fuel and removal of ash. It is recommended to periodically clean the convection channels. Boiler control is very intuitive and has extensive modules, allows to connect up to 4 circulation pumps and the boiler operation can be controlled using an application from our smartphone or laptop.


  • pellets
  • eco-pea coal

Price list

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Moc nominalnaWielkość powierzchni ogrzewanejCena nettoVATCena brutto
15 kW – DuoKo ekogroszek0-150 m²
0-200 m²*
8 658,54 zł1 991,46 zł10 650,00 zł
15 kW – DuoKo pellet10 000,00 zł2 300 zł12 300,00 zł
24 kW – Duoko ekogroszek150-240 m²
200-320 m²*
9 187,00 zł2 113,00 zł11 300,00 zł
24 kW – Duoko pellet10 731,71 zł2468,29 zł13 200,00 zł
34 kW – Duoko ekogroszek240-350 m²
320-460 m²*
10 325,20 zł2 374,80 zł12 700,00 zł
34 kW – Duoko pellet12 024,39 zł2 765,61 zł14 790,00 zł
45 kW – Duoko ekogroszek350-450 m²
460–600 m²*
11 463,42 zł2 636,58 zł14 100,00 zł
45 kW – Duoko pellet14 065,04 zł3 234,96 zł17 300,00 zł


DuoKO boiler
Boiler typeunit1524
Boiler powerkW1524
Power rangekW4,5-156,5-24
Approximate area of the heated room0-150*
Feeder capacitykg173179
Weight without waterkg347408
Water capacityl7490
Fuel according to
PN-EN 303-5:2012
eco-pea coalBituminous coal 31.2 pea-type coal grain size 5-25 mm. Calorific value of 26 MJ/kg
pelletsPellets 6-8 mm, pips and granules in the fraction of 5-10 mm C1 Fuel grade
Maximum water temperature° C85
Minimum water temperature° C50/60
Length of burningdni2-7
Cross-sectional dimension of the chimneyΦ180
Igniter powerW150
Connection portsflow2 x 1″ Gw
return2 x 1 ” Gw

* for older buildings with inferior thermal insulation 100W/m2
* for modern buildings with better thermal insulation 75W/m2


DuoKO boiler

DuoKounit15 kW24 kW
aΦ1″ Gw1″ Gw


DuoKO boiler

ecoMAX 860P

ecoMAX 860P is a device made in advanced technology. It controls the combustion process in solid fuel boilers with an igniter. By default, it supports the central heating and hot water heating circuits as well as the mixer circuit. The controller is available in a complete enclosure and in a version with a removable panel enabling installation on the front of the boiler.This latest generation microprocessor controller means for the user:

  • intuitive and simple use
  • many interesting functions
  • unique design
  • TOUCH & PLAY control system
  • attractive display presenting information in the form of readable icons
  • comfort with the support of the ecoSTER remote control
  • comfortable on-line operation of the boiler via the Internet

It has a modular structure, ensuring BUS expansion. The controller controls: boiler (burner) operation, supports basic central heating and hot water functions, mixer pump and mixer. Additional modules enable cooperation with the buffer and mixer systems. In addition, it is possible to work with lambda probe module (ecoLAMBDA). The controller uses a smart Menu system. The system makes unconnected elements inactive (invisible). This solution allows easy and comfortable use.

Control eco-pea coal

ecoMAXX 800R2 controller stands out on the market with universal modern design and user-friendly interface (indication of operating parameters via icons on the graphic display). ecoMAXX 800R provides weather control for:

  • central heating direct circuit
  • three- or four-way valve and preparation of hot water
  • on a rotTOUCH & PLAY control system
  • supports ecoSTER remote control